Denise - March 2015

"Tracey and Karen always make every workout a challenge and they add a twist to every class so that you really maximize your exercise. I love the challenges they give us by combining cardio and muscle strengthening"

Gabby - March 2015

"Karen and Tracey are amazing. I joined their boot camp in January and this dynamic duo put the group through a fast-paced, challenging workout that changes each week. They make it fun while encouraging and motivating you to do your best. I love it! I can't wait to take up mountain biking with them when the warm weather finally gets here. Bring it on! Thank you, ladies."

Anna - March 2015

"Fit4Adventure has been instrumental in building my strength and fitness from road bike to mountain bike and beyond. Their attentive and customized approach to training continues to help me achieve my goals."

Deana - March 2013

"Hello Ladies, Wanted to express my happiness at having found such a great group.

Having recently signed up for the Warrior Dash, I was concerned about building endurance to succeed as that is a challenge for me. I was put in touch with Karen /Fit4Adventure and signed up for the GRUNT. Throughout the eight weeks I pushed myself to go through the exercises. Both Karen and Tracy were there for me each week with their "Words of Encouragement" and "High Fives" ! The positive atmosphere and energy they bring weekly to each session is awesome ! Fun to ! Thank you Ladies for all you do and I look forward to the GRIND and more strength building.


"Another great workout tonight !! Keep them coming !!"

Elissa - March 2013

"You are insane! Now I know why you look so fantastic. Your class was very well organized, great pace and professional. I hope you have many more sessions after this one. You achieved your objective of pushing out of comfort zone.

I don't think I have ever been this drained+sore immediately after working out, I even had the kids help w the steering wheel driving! Honestly, I rowed varsity in university, we had full time coaches and never had a such a professional dry land. You should consider approaching Mac to train their athletes. Thank you for including me! "

Kathie - June 2013

"Hi Karen and Tracey,

I just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying the biking at Kelso. I can’t believe I was so hesitant to try it! It just goes to prove to me what I will miss in life if I doubt myself! I’m so grateful to have you two pushing me to try more and to be more! I’m exhausted today but strangely I feel fantastic!

Love you guys!"

Rhona - June 2013

"Earlier this year I joined fit4adventure 'grunt' bootcamp. I instantly knew this was going to be a perfect workout venue for me. Karen and Tracey are incredible mentors and really know their stuff. Over the last 6 months I have grown physically. I have participated in the"grind" coed bootcamp and even tried the "rock" mountain biking clinic and had an amazing time mountain biking (first time ever). The dedication and patience displayed by Karen and Tracey is a motivation for me. They have pushed me to complete physical challenges and encouraged at each session.

In 6 months I have yet to experience 2 workouts that are the same. Each session is carefully planned and executed in advance by Karen and Tracey.

Thank you Karen and Tracey. Your training has become a huge part of my life!"

Jennifer - July 2013

"Did 240km on the road bike this weekend...have to give you and Tracey a lot of the credit for helping me build my strength up..couldn't have done it without your boot camps..keep up the amazing work..cheers, Jen"

Warrior Dash Participant - July 2013

"Thanks Duff and Tracey for organizing such a great group of people. I had one hell of a great day. You two are true leaders."

DP - August 2013

"Tracey and Karen make working out fun. Yes, you read that right... fun. I never thought I'd love working out, but I honestly can't wait until the next class. I feel stronger and more energetic and I love that people are starting to see a difference in my body. The other day my husband said he saw definition in my arms and calves! I can't even explain how exciting that was to hear. At 41, I never thought I'd hit these fitness levels ... and it's all thanks to Tracey and Karen's "you can do it" attitude. They kick my butt, but with a smile."

Nelson - August 2013

"The strength training workout is fast paced, while targeting key muscle groups and with just the right intensity. After five workouts I've noticed positive gains, specifically during a long technical 40k mountain bike ride."


Kathy J. - October 2013

"Empowering is the word I would use to describe Karen & Tracey. I've definitely upped my game through their training, both MT biking and circuit training, but it is their "down to earth" approach and support and encouragement that has really made all the difference to me. Great trainers and great people!"