Tire Lifts The GRIND is a CO-ED, program designed to develop the muscular strength and endurance you'll need to Grind through life's Adventures. The program leverages plyometric exercises that use body weight, body movements and simple fitness equipment coordinated into an innovative workout using unique combinations of exercises, repetitions and timing to challenge your muscles and mind. Our workouts WILL improve your strength, endurance, cardio, coordination, balance and flexibility.

In the spirit of adventure The GRIND changes weekly challenging mind and muscle. Certified trainers Karen and Tracey are here to motivate you to GRIND through your next Adventure.

Gabby - March 2015

"Karen and Tracey are amazing. I joined their boot camp in January and this dynamic duo put the group through a fast-paced, challenging workout that changes each week. They make it fun while encouraging and motivating you to do your best. I love it! I can't wait to take up mountain biking with them when the warm weather finally gets here. Bring it on! Thank you, ladies."

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